Since I know some of you like looking at such things, I thought I'd compile a short visual list of Lotta Jansdotter items (again). The catch is, the following items are practical - ones we really need around here (not that I merely want. Well, for the most part).
[all photos courtesy of the Lotta Jansdotter site]

1. [kitchen towel/potholder set, redig. Both colors suit our kitchen well, but I'd prefer aqua. We're currently using ancient black and royal blue dish towels that are falling apart. So, I think it's time to start building a newer, prettier collection, and Lotta's pot holders are cuter than ours, too.]

2. [cover apron, in aqua. I own a few of my grandmother's lovely half aprons, but folks, I'm messy. This cover apron would complement my sloppy cooking. Plus, it's on sale for $51.20. Yep, that's the sale price.]

3. [pencil case, pricka. I've actually been on the hunt for a good pencil case. I really need one to keep up with my favorite pens; and to make my big brown bag, or my cute tote bag, or my Flannery bag more organized (and less like pits of chaos).]

4. [checkbook cover, chick. Since I've not been feeling well, Johnny has taken over checkbook duty. But when I feel better, I'd be persuaded to balance the checkbook if I owned these cute chicks. Wouldn't you?]

5. This last photo is a sample of beautiful Lotta fabric - sylloda (natural). I can't sew to save my life right now, but I this jpg (tiled) is my current computer desktop. It's rather cheerful:


*izil* said...

Great blog, congratulations

jadunham said...

You've converted me... I'm going to purchase one of her fabulous totes, but I can't decide if I should wait until the fall line.

robyn a. jones said...

i love it... i want the apron!

jenni said...

Thank you, izil.

Jean, I'm glad I converted you.

Robyn, the apron is nice indeed.

Kerry Robb said...

I wish I knew how to sew... That fabric is great!