lovely day

[Twist Ring with Pearl... by Abigail A. Percy. Photo from her Etsy shop.]

I spied that ring this morning. I don't wear much jewelry, but that ring is just lovely. I'm not kidding you when I say that I'm (still) desperate for new clothes. I don't get out much right now. Pajamas are perfectly acceptable for indoors, but I need to look nicer when I do get out. I kinda loathe clothes-shopping, but I'll go soon (I need to make a serious vow). I'd love to find a dress or skirt that requires the Twist ring. So I'd have to buy the ring, you see.

And like that ring, today is lovely. Currently 68 degrees and sun-shiny.

.... I haven't been sleeping well lately. Normally Johnny rubs my back forever 'til I fall asleep, like a child. But last night I gave my kind husband a break. We've yet to find good lamps, so I pulled the Mighty Bright book light out of my bedside drawer. It's supposed to clip on a book, but I was reading a paperback, so the clip didn't work all that well. And the light was not that mighty. But I made it work. I laid on my tummy, feet in the air, and read the first few chapters of To See Every Bird on Earth by Dan Koeppel. I'm totally in love with Peace Like a River, but I need a nonfiction book to balance my thoughts of fiction.

I read a bit too late; I admit it. However, I slept like a baby. Reading in bed truly helps me sleep - it always has - so we better find some bedside lamps quick-like. After good sleep, I woke up in a much better mood, thank God. The bamboo floors were chilly enough that I pulled socks onto my feet. I took my meds without griping (for once). I pulled open the blinds from every window downstairs. Johnny fixed his signature turkey sausage-veggie-egg scramble. I brewed yerba mate (from Alissa's NY co-op) + cinnamon in the coffee maker (yum). So, that would be "you are in my thoughts" yerba mate. To those in my thoughts, I pray for you today.

And, the past few days I've taken Psalm 141:2 quite seriously:

"Let my prayer be set forth in Thy sight as the incense: and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice."

That means I've been burning lots of incense - piƱon and autumn leaves - praying, resting, trying my darndest to be faithful. I smell resins of cinnamon (from the a. leaves) in my hair which is a nice touch.

Today, my plans include:
-A longish neighborhood walk w/Johnny.
-A leisurely, warm, detox bath (w/Epsom salts).
-Finally write a blog post on books for calvin. [my post will be finished tomorrow - Sunday - 4/20 - I promise!]
-Hit the hay earlier tonight.
-Read more of Koeppel. Johnny informed me he has two lamps at his drum studio that he's not using. They are probably not the style we're looking for, but I'll happily use one tonight for soporific reading.
-Hopefully wake tomorrow with a similar bright outlook (please, God) and drive to Church w/Johnny. I love our Church! I think we'll grab The New York Times and a cappuccino (for J.) on our way. I don't subscribe anymore, but sometimes I miss the rustling of newspaper (vs. online).

Oh. My other Etsy find today was a Butterfly Gladness Garland from Royal Buffet:

[photo from the R. B. Etsy shop]

I think it would look lovely in our guest bedroom. To our previous guests - do you agree? I hope so because I ordered one; can't wait to hang it ....

[a photo repeat here, by me]


mollie greene said...

oh, wonderful! i hope you post a pic after you hang it! thanks much for your kind words.....

jenni said...

Hi, Mollie. I will def. post a photo!

kate ortiz said...

the garland is a lovely choice. i've been eyeing it, too. such a good psalm quote. and yes, buy the ring. perhaps it will make shopping more fun?

Jenna said...

Isn't Leif Enger great?

jenni said...

Kate ~ I'm so glad you think I should buy the ring. I'll tell Johnny you think so!

Jenna ~ Yes, he is.

Lauren said...'d you find mollie? did you know she's a friend of mine??? it's such a small world!

jenni said...

I read Kate Ortiz's blog, and she links to Mollie's blog. Yes, I did figure out eventually that you and Mollie are friends.