more of the good

Other than blogging and a meal of hot dogs & mustard, the following has been my day. And the cats' (Johnny is teaching drum lessons - much more productive):

[Milo asleep on the couch, right behind my head. He purrs and makes "baby sounds." Our friend Amy B. rescued Milo from under her backyard shed and J. & I adopted him. So, Milo was never properly weaned. He still kneads his paws (like he's nursing) on that cream-colored blanket and makes really cute sounds. He also pushes his feet into my neck. I'm not sure what that's about.]

[Harley conked out on "his chair"]

I think the cats are onto something with this napping business. I'll follow their lead, then take a bath:


Christine said...

That looks calm and lovely.

jenni said...

Thanks, Stine.

kate ortiz said...

oh to have a cozy bathtub. ours is old, creepy blue, and freezes the water (well, almost) the second it touches the tub. omar tells me just to turn on the old school heat lamp. but that just makes everything creepy purple. there you go - my gripe of the day ;)

Lindsay said...

Jenni, I love the pictures you post of your home. It looks like a lovely, peaceful place. Hopefully mine will look like that someday (but with a dog, not a cat).

jenni said...

Kate - I totally understand. Our apartment had no such tub. This pretty tub was a big selling factor for the house. :)

Lindsay - Thank you! Our house is a true blessing. And it is very peaceful. Oh, but don't hate on the cats! If cats are kept indoors like ours, they're actually very sweet. I want a dog one day, too, though. Hopefully all three will get along.