mailing tea

Other than blogging, pondering imminent Peace Like a River posts (for my other blog), and doing laundry, I've been assembling packages to mail. I love sending snail mail as much as I love receiving it ~ letters and packages alike. First, I put together my Mama's belated Mother's Day gift, part 2. Part 1 arrived on time, from Indigo Wild. Johnny kindly took part 2 to the post office today, so my Mom should be smiling towards the end of this week.

Then, I compiled an assortment of tea for my inspiring internet-friend, Nicole. That photo won't give anything away. She knew the tea was coming. The thing is, the tea was supposed to arrive at her doorstep weeks ago. She is a patient soul, and a kind one. When I felt extra i-c-k recently, Nicole sent some Yogi Breathe Deep tea bags. Ahhh.

My photo looks [only] slightly better if you click it, or view it over on flickr.... But the sight of mail almost ready to go + Lotta labels and stationery was cheerful to me, so I thought I'd share. And Laura, please notice your name on that envelope in the wooden "outgoing mail" bowl. A letter is coming soon!

After that and a thank you note, I should be caught up on snail mail. I hope! If not, please forgive me. I've got yeast on the brain.


nicole said...

I so hope you're feeling better, Jenni. Thank you for the package. Like I said earlier, you've given me more than I deserve. I'm blessed to know you. xo

alissa wilkinson said...

What lovely Lotta labels! I got some pina colada tea from Adagio today and it's wonderful. I think of you every time I open a tin of Adagio tea. :) Feel better, please!

jenni said...

Well, I am blessed to know you, Nicole. And like I said, it was fun to overdo the tea!

Alissa ~ PiƱa Colada tea sounds GOOD. I may have to try that one. I'm so glad you associate me w/Adagio.