oh my cavalier

I had intended to snap a photo of the coolest gift from my friend Lauren - she is really spoiling me w/finds from her local TJ Maxx - but the weather is not cooperating. A thunderstorm is brewing outside; too dark for a photograph. I'll take the pic tomorrow or so - OK, Lauren? Today, I'll make the most of our muted weather. You know, burn beeswax & peppermint-vanilla candles, sip espresso, and read. And find a productive, domestic activity. I've pushed myself this week to ignore aches + pains and help out a little more with chores. I think that might actually contribute to healing.

So, I'll share my newest desktop art. I like to change my desktop view every week ~ a fresh outlook when I juice up the MacBook. Currently, it is beautiful, simplistic artwork by an Etsy favorite, Oh My Cavalier!:


This piece also caught my eye (Julianna Swaney's whole shop is full of goodness):


That second piece would look great in our living room, Johnny....

That's all for today. I really need to tend to my bookish blog. No, really. See y'all soon.


Lauren said...

sweet, don't have to post a picture of the tea tin :) just as long as you are enjoying it, that is good enough for me!

jenni said...

Well, I tried to snap a pic anyway - see above. Thank you again! I'm enjoying it indeed.