old man and his cat

I never thought I'd find artistic inspiration in a Nordic Naturals catalog, but I did. I mean, I'm inspired by the health benefits of their product line (I take the ProOmega lemon fish oil gels - not gaggy, I swear), but I did not expect to find such beautiful photography within the catalog's pages. Nordic Naturals' web site gives you an idea of what I mean ~ those mountains and that little seaside town only further my desire to travel to Norway.

One photograph in particular caught my eye. I set it on the bamboo lazy Susan, on the breakfast nook table, to admire when I walk through the room. As you can see above, Harley is not as taken with good photography. However, I think you'll be impressed when you see a close-up:

Isn't that charming? The black & white, the old man's wrinkled smile, his hat, his woolen mittens, and the devoted cat - no doubt purring. I know it's not very spring-y, but maybe that's what it's like in Norway right now? I currently have an inspiration wire in the living room, and two in my writing room. That photo is destined to hang from one of my wires.

The photo suits my day as well. It's been mostly gray, but with a picture like that, I'm embracing our darkened clouds. I'm listening to Sun Kil Moon's "Glenn Tipton" (from Ghosts of the Great Highway) and "Like the River" (from April) on repeat. I'm munching walnuts; my current favorite snack. I'm tumbling laundry.... And, imagining a story of the old man and his cat.


nicole said...

oh, my goodness - his mittens.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

I love how it looks like the man smiling with his eyes. And, how the cat seems to reflect the mood of its owner. Lovely.

jenni said...

The mittens are my favorite part.

March to the Sea said...

that is a very cool image.

jenni said...

Hi, March!