ain't that grand

[both of my blogs are sharing this photo]

Today has been grand even though dirty dishes are piled around the sink; the dishwasher full of clean utensils. Even though I forgot about that impressive pile of laundry in our closet 'til just now. Even though I'm in desperate need of bathing at 6:00 pm.

So, why has it been grand, you ask?

1. We attempted a coconut milk cappuccino this morning, for my sake. Johnny is the milk-frothing master, but for whatever reason, he couldn't get the coconut milk to froth today. However, he did steam the coconut milk quite nicely and it tasted exactly like real milk w/espresso (and cinnamon). Delicious! He's optimistic that he can froth the coconut milk next time.

2. I assembled my giveaway packages and Johnny took 'em to the post office. It really is fun to send snail mail.
[my thank you notes & letters are next, I promise]

3. Speaking of snail mail, I received a pink-flower thank you note from Kierstin. While it's not the long letter I'm praying for, I was thrilled to know that yes, mail can travel from her house to mine. Plus, she writes the best thank you notes, and she offered to write an updated letter. My theory on her long lost letter is that someone swiped it, mesmerized by her penmanship (it's amazing).

4. I spent a large part of the day immersed in Peace Like a River - the most wonderful book that you need to read right now. I typed my final, lengthy, rambling thoughts on Leif Enger's novel. But if you venture over to my other blog today, beware - there are major book spoilers.

Our Peace Like a River discussion fizzled out, but it was a blast to try my hand at a book conversation. Everyone's comments were fascinating and sometimes I managed to lead well, yet it was harder than I thought, especially with my current state of health. That's OK, though - I bet we can pull off another book discussion later.

In the meantime, I've changed books for calvin to be an all-purpose reading & writing blog. If you are the bookish/writerly type - and I know some of you are - please visit my other blog often, OK? I'm sure books will be mentioned here now and then, but I'm gonna concentrate my literary thoughts over there.

5. All the while I typed, Johnny played his keyboard upstairs, writing a new hymn (I'll try to share the lovely melody soon):

"Arise, O Lord"

Arise, O Lord, and gather Thy people
Arise, O Lord, and scatter Thy foes,
With song we come to Thy holy Temple
We rise, O Lord, to Thy glorious Throne.
Through the veil of our blessed Savior
By the Spirit poured out from above,
We pass into the Holy of Holies
Cleansed by our great Redeemer's blood.

We come to wield the weapons of worship:
Prayer, thanksgiving, and honor to Thee,
We come to swing the Sword of the Spirit
Thy Word, proceeding infallibly.
Tearing down the strongholds of darkness,
Taking each passing thought captive to Thee,
We come to charge the gates of Hell's city,
Joyful in confident victory

Bring freedom, Lord, to the captive nations,
Teach them to follow Thy holy Commands,
That, walking by the grace of the Spirit
With love they meet the Law's righteous demands;
Till the Earth is full of Thy knowledge
Till we drown in that gracious Flood
Living water for all the thirsty
Crystal clear from the throne of Love



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Christine said...

Hey Jenni, we had the same problem with trying to steam coconut milk - it doesn't work. If you put the can in the fridge first and then skim the actual cream off the top, it's supposed to work better than just using the coconut milk all mixed up. Let me know if it works for ya!

Kimberly said...

What a beautiful hymn. Can't wait to actually hear it!

jenni said...

Yeah, I can't wait to sing that hymn in Church.

Thanks for the tip, Stine!