don't forget

.... to order your autumn '08 TOAST catalogs! They're free, very kindly sent all the way from the U.K..

[photo courtesy of TOAST]

In other news, the sun is out ~ literally, figuratively, and spiritually. My brain feels like it's working. I compiled a to-do list as Johnny and I realized there is much to do. I scribbled writing ideas in a simply photo notebook - best to capture fleeting thoughts before they fly away. My body feels a bit stronger, yet I'm making myself read in bed & nap today. My soul feels content. A few worries popped up, but I shot 'em down with prayer. Hallelujah. I hope this mood lasts. And, we tried to take a walk every day this week, but the rain interfered with our plans. Hopefully we'll time our walk right today because I'm aching to feel sunshine on my skin, and my muscles need to hustle (as my coach-Dad would say).


abigail said...

So glad to read about your good day!

jenni said...

Thank you ~ the good days are so thrilling. We did go on a walk after all. No rain, though our backyard grass still needs it badly.