I'm attuned to my sense of smell today, more so than usual. Recent favorite whiffs:

* Johnny grilling dinner outdoors last night: chicken and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

* Sweet Thai Delight tea, my dessert after dinner.

* Then, Johnny's nightcap: The Glenrothes. The bottle lists notes of berry fruits, vanilla, and butterscotch. I can't partake yet, but I'm dying to.

* method wood floor cleaner ~ almond.

* Rosemary mint soap.

* Vanilla chai lotion.

* Whole Foods vanilla honey lip balm.

* Harley's fur, a sweet smell.

* Milo's fur, too ~ a different sweet smell.

* Olbas inhaler. I cannot live without this product. I'm oddly passionate about this nasal aid.

* Enfusia yerba mate (tea) brewing in the coffee maker ~ a comforting, earthy smell.

* Coffee stashed in the pantry.

* Scrambled eggs cooking in a lil' coconut oil. It might sound strange, but the combination of the two smells (and tastes) very good.

* Ecover dishwasher tablets ~ citrus-y.

* Green Works all-purpose spray ~ lemon essential oil.
[sorry to endorse so many "green" items, but they sure do smell good and clean. And subtle.]

* A book from the library ~ that "old book" smell.

* Seriously, the Old Faithful candle is a big winner. If you're a vanilla-lover, this candle is for you (Madagascar vanilla, Mexican vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, herbs). I don't know why, but the scent of vanilla is extra-comforting to me. And I feel good about Dirt candles because their aromas do not contain phthalates. I'm such a geek - I keep perusing the little catalog they sent, anticipating my next candle purchase. I'm thinking ....

-Saving Grace ~ cardamom, cream, nutmeg, spices. Johnny is a big cardamom fan.
-Or Spice of Life ~ cinnamon leaf, sugar, Mexican vanilla, ginger.
-Maybe the All-Nighter? ~ cinnamon bark, green tea, nutmeg, soy.
-When autumn finally arrives here, Gingerbread Man ~ cinnamon, ginger, molasses, sweet things.
[yes, I do prefer warm, rich, sweet smells. However, Sugar Rush was too much for me.]

I ran across a new-to-me blog the other night ~ my madeleine. A sentence in Molly's "about me" caught my eye: "What began as the record of a fledgling culinary career now continues as one of recovery while I slowly regain a damaged sense of smell." She suffered an accident involving trauma to her skull and a bruise on her brain which damaged her scent-oriented neurons. She described walking outside on a beautiful day - the vivid colors, the wind on her face, but completely scentless (if I remember correctly - read some of her writing here for accuracy). Can you imagine? Thankfully, her sense of smell is returning. My heart skipped a beat with gratitude for my functioning nose. Heck, I thank God for all of our senses - five ways we're able to experience this beautiful, mysterious, tragic, and joyous adventure we call life. And maybe it's just me, but I love to run across aromatherapy in the Bible's pages ~ cedar, pine, aloes, cinnamon, saffron, frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, pomegranates, coriander .... I like to think about Jesus and all the saints inhaling such smells. We are created to enjoy our lives, very Incarnationally.

Hmm, all of this reminds me of a book I want to read: Scenting Salvation: Ancient Christianity and the Olfactory Imagination by Susan Ashbrook Harvey ....


nicole said...

I swear that when you talk about these sorts of things, your blog even smells good. ...I'm may have to get us one of those candles. thanks for the link!

I have pear bread baking right now, and it's quite the smell also.


robyn a. jones said...

my mimi lost her sense of smell with chemo.. its slowly come back but it definitely messed with it. :)

jenni said...

Nicole, did you read Robyn's suggestion that someone should create scratch & sniff blogs? I think it's a brilliant idea. Pear bread is on my to-eat list when I'm healed - yum.

Robyn, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad Mimi's sense of smell is returning!