heart and soul

I was just thinking, God placed a long list in my heart and soul (why else would I love each so?):

-An eye for beauty.
-The need to talk it out.
-Recharging introvert-style.
-Rocking chairs.
-Rice paper lanterns.
-Porch swings.
-Morning light.
-Dreams of maternity.
-A compulsion to write.
-Sarcasm (there is a time and place).
-Greek yogurt.
-Dark chocolate.
-Pumpkin spice scones.
-Buttermilk pie.
-A vocabulary-love affair.
-Colors, such as blue.
-A need for intellectual/artful/humorous folks 'round me.
-Strums of banjo, guitar, and dobro.
-Johnny, indeed the better half here.
-His percussiveness.
-Friends, near and far.
-Cats (dogs, too).
-Wild beeswax.
-Wooden things.
-Incense (here's a new favorite).
-Sock monkeys.
-Cherry blossoms.
-To see photography.
-To improve in hospitality.
-Indian food.
-Thai curry.
-Feta cheese.
-Wild Alaskan salmon.
-Orange, red, green bell peppers.
-Granny Smith apples....

There's more,
and more to come, all my days.


robyn a. jones said...

he has definitely blessed you...and you have made me want to list what i'm grateful for too! be looking for it! thank you for reminding me that i have so much to be thankful for!

lcrandall said...

Jenni, This is why I love to read your blog: hope and thankfulness. Keep it comin'.

And keep dry. I see Edouardo is raining down on you. :)

jenni said...

Thanks, you two.

Lindsay, Edouardo chickened out - the rain is already letting up.