hotel san josé revisited

My photography is not always that great, but I do love capturing a favorite moment nonetheless. I've been uploading way too many random pics to my facebook profile, and I added the top photo because Johnny and I love Hotel San José. There's a special tranquility within the hotel's perimeter, yet if you need a jolt of city life, you merely step outside the gate to S. Congress, try not to get hit by a car while crossing the street, do some funky shopping, and grab a cup of coffee at Jo's (and/or grab a cupcake).

These three photos take me straight back to that particular morning. The to-die-for wooden table and chairs were right outside our room. I can feel the exact chill in the air, and hear the quiet, save a few sleepy visitors stumbling around, off to find breakfast. We ordered room service - a bento box for Johnny; a pot of fragrant black tea and The New York Times for me (I packed yeast-free snacks). After Johnny finished his eggs ranchero, he hit the showers. I remained outside for as long as possible, read the paper and Jane Kenyon's poetry, sipped tea, and meandered the courtyard, snapping photos.

Our house is a lovely haven, but I can hardly wait for January 2009 ~ we spend a night at the San José every year as part of our anniversary celebration (here's a little bit about our '08 stay). Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, even if only within memories.


nicole said...

I really don't think that Hey Cupcake is very good..... Which was sad because it took a long time before Stu and I made it out there and it was pure disappointment when we ate them .... :-( Maybe I am just picky when it comes to baked goods? :-/

jenni said...

I really appreciate you saying that because I can't eat cupcakes right now.

Christine said...

What lovely, peaceful photos. I don't blame you for looking forward to that trip!

robyn a. jones said...

i'd love to find a place like that to get away... :) looks so peaceful!

nicole said...

I love the whole idea of getting-away with the one you love. home is of course your most true haven, but it's so nice to see, experience, and make memories elsewhere too.

the san jose is too neat! so happy you get to celebrate here year after year. we've decided to visit somewhere new for our second anniversary, even though the hotel we stayed at last year was too fun.

love you, jenni!