a walk

We did take a long walk on the trail which circles a big retention pond. It was h-o-t today (high of 95), but I love to feel the sun on my skin nowadays. We worked up a good sweat (great for detox), soaked in vitamin D-sun rays, and discovered a few things:

[a brand new playground, as in the last month. I wanted to climb and slide, but alas, the red setup is for 2-5 year olds. Definitely for future little Simmonses, though. And our Godson, Judah, when he comes over to play.]

[swings for small people]

[Johnny found a mockingbird feather]

Back at home, we gulped down water and Johnny kindly fixed me a Wild Alaskan salmon + avocado salad. I followed that with a coconut macaroon.

We also discussed Wednesday [maybe Thursday] plans (Lord willing) ~ lunch at Empire, coffee/tea and reading (for my next Curator article) at Brasil, and visiting 1-2 thrift stores on that street. Thrifting is fair because Johnny got to see NIN recently.


Christine said...

That sounds like a lovely day. Say hello to Empire for me!

robyn a. jones said...

that sounds delicious. i think that would be a fabulous day. look for good news ahead! can't wait to share!

jenni said...

Wish y'all could join us....

Robyn, I'm dying to know the good news.