the curator ~ edition #3

Great, just what I needed. Yesterday, Kathleen Norris' latest book - Acedia & Me - arrived in the mail. Very, very distracting from my work! And then today, a new edition of The Curator with great topics, including my beverage of choice this week ~ coffee (though I'm doing tea today). Yet such a good kind of problem; it never hurts to have brain-food readily available.

The table of contents:

One of Authenticity’s Last Great Sanctuaries?
Rebecca Tirrell Talbot
A night of slam poetry at Chicago’s Green Mill Lounge.

With All the Things
Joe Kickasola
Artist Daniel Domig explores process and animation.

The Lifeblood That Drives the Dreams of Champions
Kevin Gosa
Finding culture in the most unlikely places.

An American Beer Garden
Brian Watkins
Could a German tradition help Americans revitalize community?

* - [The Curator's server misbehaves at times, so please be patient. There will be a switch in the near future.]

Enjoy the weekend, y'all.

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