[I started this blog at 9:30 am. Perhaps a Godmother's blogging is similar to a Mom's blogging?]

Good morning; I'm waking up with South Seas dark roast coffee. Don't worry, I still love tea, but coffee has hit the spot this week. This is partially Omar's fault. Over dinner one night, he told us that coffee came from the Coptic Christians which I found fascinating. Omar, Lorena, Judah, and my brother are still at the house and we've had a blast. Johnny and I feel as if our life has been turned upside down in a very good way. Every morning we've had a natural alarm clock ~ a 2-year-old voice upstairs with a soft background of cartoons:

"Mama, Diego!"

"Mama, I want juice. Cookie!"

"Mama, downstairs!"

"Mama, no!"

[then squeals of protest to either Time Out or a spanking. The kid has impressive pipes. Loud.]

Lorena is not only a great friend; she's also shown me such a lovely picture of motherhood. Patient and laid back when hurricane Judah spins through the house. He's so cute, yet so hyper - so strong-willed! My current goal is to not laugh when Judah giggles at his parents' discipline. This is very difficult, but I'm determined to be a good Godmother even if Judah's every expression is adorable and funny. On the other hand, Johnny and I were given permission to discipline our Godson as needed. Judah doesn't like when silly-Jenni turns serious and says, "No sir." He pouts and sports an attitude. Then he gets in trouble from Mama or Daddy....

....Other than the interesting transition to having a child in the house, I've been inspired by three things in particular:

1. Daniel Lanois reissued one of the best albums ever ~ Acadie. The new edition contains 6 unreleased tracks + the classic album and a 32-page booklet with photographs and inscriptions by Lanois. That's a must-have at some point (available for pre-order now).

2. A verse ~

"And he shall be like the light of the morning when the sun rises,
a morning without clouds,
Like the tender grass springing out of the earth,
by clear shining after rain
[2 Samuel 23:4]

I knew I loved morning light for a reason. This verse is part of King David's dying words. Even then, he spoke in Psalms.

3. Judah loves Johnny Cash and Bob Marley, and whaddya know, he loves Coldplay, too. We all listened to Viva la Vida in the car yesterday and he listened intently. When a song stopped he said, "Turn it on!"

I've lost my knack for blogging lately, but these things happen when you have a house full of good folks. I'm also preparing for my next Curator article which involves music, and reading for an upcoming book review. More interesting blogs might appear after the happy chaos calms down.

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