little monkey

When we were looking at houses and stepped foot into this one, I knew a few things for certain, as sure as the ground on which I stood. 1 - our children would run up and down the stairs; their laughter would bounce off the walls. We will raise our family here. 2 - this house is too big for the two of us; too spacious, in fact, for the both of us and little ones. The house is ours to share ~ with family, friends, and neighbors. At times during this year of my weakened health, I wondered when the heck we'd be able to resume hospitality. Who needs the guest room besides our families? Lately I've prayed, asking God not only to heal my body, but heal our home, so that we can open our doors to anyone in need.

Though no one in their right mind wants a hurricane, Ike not only scooted my brother out to our house, but as of yesterday, our friends Omar and Lorena and their son, Judah - our Godson. As much as I love personal cups of tea and coffee, I love any excuse to brew a pot of coffee for guests (or tea if they'd rather). When our friends arrived yesterday, I started a pot of cinnamon creme brulee coffee. As I handed them mugs of that goodness, their reactions were perfect. Both Omar and Lorena said, "That smell! This coffee tastes perfect, especially after the past few days." [a big oak tree fell on Lorena's car, shattering her windshield, and they are still without electricity] Or this morning as I handed Omar another mug of cinnamon creme brulee before he left for work. He said, "Coffee is essential." It's just nice to watch other folks receive the same comfort I do from hot beverages. And have them sit around our table chatting, laughing, discussing music-movies-books-theology-dwell magazine, watching YouTube videos (have you seen Human Tetris??), eating pizza, drinking beer and Cognac, and so on.

And well, there's Judah who I've taken to calling a little monkey. This is partly because I'm unabashedly biased - I think our Godson is one of the cutest people ever - and also because he's noticed a few monkeys around the house.... My sock monkey slippers, the little sock monkey hanging in the kitchen (he thinks this monkey is sad no matter how many times I tell him that monkey is happy to hang there), and the Curious George-in-pajamas magnet on the fridge. I just so happen to own a hardback of The Complete Adventures of Curious George (a great book), so his Mama read him a story or two last night.

I've tried to snap really good photos of Judah, but he's a fast little monkey; his brain and body are always on to the next idea. Our Godson is also very creative and musical - he loves to play Johnny's keyboard and drum pad and our guitar; and he loves Bob Marley and Johnny Cash. In fact, Judah thinks he is Bob Marley. Anyway, here are my best photo attempts of the little monkey:

[puppy dog pj's. I think Lorena took this one.]

[on the playground. This one and the rest are by me....]

[he tried to explain why he must pick up that wood chip stuff and throw it on the grass. I'll tell you why ~ he's all boy.]

[I love this sarcastic look]

[headed back to the house]


robyn a. jones said...

i'm so glad that you guys are with power and didn't have as much damage. i know they are thankful for the hospitality. he is really really cute! i can't wait for you to have some of your own! :) i'm really digging the cooler weather too..

Anonymous said...

Where is Baby Judah? He is the cutest little boy!!

I'm thankful y'all are all okay.

Jenni's Mom

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i know the joy of being able to give hospitality . . . you are certainly being a great blessing to those around you.
what a CUTE little boy!!!!!

Ali O said...

i'm so glad you guys were kept safe - and your godson is quite the looker :)

jenni said...

On his parents' behalf, thank you. Judah is rather handsome.


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