small friends

Judah was very, very happy to have friends over yesterday:

[Ian, my good friend Amy's son]

[Elliot, Ian's brother. I got to hold Elliot twice yesterday and he didn't cry, thank God. He smelled amazing.]

[L to R: Athan (Ian and Elliot's brother), Judah, Ian. Four boys in the house was quite the experience. And fun! It put me in the mood to play "soccer" w/Judah in the backyard last night while Johnny grilled burgers. Do I have some of my coach-Dad's athletic genes after all??]

Until our own kids arrive, I'm pretty sure our friends' little ones win the cute-contest.


kate o. said...

yep, baby smell - it's pretty good, isn' it?

four boys under your roof? you're a brave soul. how fun.

cletus said...

all but one of them looks like a birsinger! if my eye doth not deceive me...

jenni said...

You are correct, Cletus.