Today is not bad. I feel fairly lively. Peaceful, even. Fresh avocado sprinkled with garlic salt was part of my breakfast. Johnny took my laptop to the Apple-doctor and now I have new battery, no longer attached to the power cord for dear life. I'm thankful for rae dunn's HEAL. word heart which arrived yesterday. And, I'm listening to lots and lots of good music on Pandora radio.

I'm one of those people where friends will say, for example, "Hey, have you heard about Pandora? It's really cool. I think you would love it." I believe them, but all too often I take my sweet ole time looking into their suggestions. It's not personal. I just have to get over whatever I'm currently geeked up about or distracted by creatively. Then I can focus on my friends' advice realizing they know me very well.

I finally looked into Pandora and it is officially my newest online addiction. I'm no expert yet, but my favorite activity is to search for an artist, create a station, then listen to song after like-minded song. Today, my Lucinda Williams station is hitting the spot ~ songs by Lucinda (from World Without End), Emmylou (Wrecking Ball), Brandi Carlile (self-titled), Gillian Welch (Soul Journey), Cowboy Junkies (Open), Lucinda (self-titled), Patty Griffin (1000 Kisses), Gillian (Revival), Lucinda (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road).... My Radiohead and Feist stations are equally awesome.

So really, check out Pandora! I should mention it's FREE. Create your own stations, bookmark favorite musicians, discover new songs, buy music from iTunes or Amazon, etc.. It's ideal for someone like me with extreme-eclectic musical preferences. And I like to have music going in the living room as I putter around the nearby kitchen or walk back and forth with armloads of dirty/clean laundry. If you're curious about what's tickling my ears, please look me up on Pandora. I'd love to hear what you're listening to as well.

Right this minute I'm into my She & Him station ~ She & Him, Norah Jones, A Camp, The Be Good Tanyas, Feist, She & Him, The Weepies, Owls, Pepi Ginsberg, Feist.... I think my next CD-purchase will be The Reminder by Feist. Or the latest Sigur Rós. Oh, dear.


lcrandall said...

That avocado sounds good. And The Reminder is a really great album.

kate o. said...

oh, isn't pandora wonderful? i told omar i don't think i need to buy music for a long while. but "the reminder" is great.

i play my feist station all the time. i think i'm about to go add a "cowboy junkies" station.

nicole said...

yes, isn't it wonderful? love you, jenni.

Kimberly said...

OMG!!! Thanks for telling us about Pandora!!! I'm loving it!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M HAPPY ABOUT THIS NEW FIND WITH ALL MY CAPS?!!! Woo Hoo! :~)

jenni said...

Kate ~ A Cowboy Junkies station is a great idea.

Nicole ~ xoxo.

laura said...

i have to concur re: the she & him station. i've been stuck on it for about a month now. it is great!!