sabbath treats

Another list, yet such a peaceful one, I think:

-Turkish coffee in the demitasse set from Johnny. If you've never had Turkish coffee, it is rich coffee + cardamom (we buy Café Najjar from HEB), brewed on the stove in an ibrik (or cezve). I usually take my coffee black, but I like a little sweetener in Turkish coffee (and coconut milk - in lieu of cream - in chicory coffee).

-Sufjan Stevens Radio via Pandora. This station plays the likes of Sufjan, Iron & Wine, José González, Andrew Bird, Belle & Sebastian, Band of Horses, Rogue Wave, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Damien Rice, etc..

-A recent gift from the Letter Writers Alliance ~ an orphaned letter written on USO stationery. Says Donovan Beeson of the LWA:

"I'm always kind of sad when I find someone's letters for sale online because I know that the original owner isn't the seller. They were someone's inheritance so that they could know their past a little better. That someone decided that they were not worth keeping around. That someone is obviously not a member of our Alliance.

I adopted these orphaned letters to share with you. I had the pleasure of reading them all. Our benefactor is one Miss Elizabeth Ohlaborge of Franklin, IN. This piece is a part of her collected correspondence. She spoke French and had pen pals. I think she would be happy to know that we will treasure her letters the way that she did

Je fais des excuses ("I apologize") to my pen pals once again. I am currently a slacker, but I'll surprise you with a letter when you least expect it.

-A white mini-pumpkin, to celebrate my favorite season, autumn.

-Now I'm gonna climb the stairs and watch two short films by Albert Lamorisse ~ The Red Balloon and White Mane.

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