Johnny and I have not been sleeping well lately. I chalk it up to detox. I'll be sleepy with heavy eyes, but it feels like my body cannot relax. So, Johnny kindly rubs my back until I fall asleep. As much as I appreciate his selflessness (it humbles me), I hate that he loses sleep, too. I've about had it with this yeast overgrowth, really. I'm ready for yeast to be a positive term around here ~ like in a good artisan bread; not yeast toxins camping out in my body or dying a sweet death.

Anyway, as I've been lulled to sleep with a good back rub, I've thought about blog-topics. It seems it's been awhile since I've shared actual thoughts, not just pictures or lists. As with any inspiration, though, narrative blog entries happen when they happen. I'm not gonna worry about that too much. Plus, I enjoy lists and visuals - they have their place. Such as some good ole TOAST-love. If you don't receive these gorgeous catalogs yet, for God's sake, sign up! You have to request the catalogs each season, but they are free. The photography is stunning; I love the entire aesthetic. And it is calming ~ maybe I should flip through the pages at bedtime.

Here are some of my favorite images from the autumn/winter 2008 house & home collection:

And, when our Godson (Judah) and his parents (Omar + Lorena) slept over for a week due to hurricane Ike, Lorena fell in love with TOAST, too. She has a natural, talented eye for both interior design and fashion. Since we both knew that fashion is not my forte, she would say things such as, "I'd like to see you in a layered look. Or these pants. Or this black dress." Thankfully, I agreed with her opinions though I kind of detest clothes-shopping. I'd rather shop for books and have perfectly-fitting, comfortable clothes appear on our doorstep. For example, this TOAST daywear outfit that Lorena recommended - I love it all except the boots (I'd rather have chunky, brown Mary Janes with a small heel):

[all photos courtesy of TOAST]


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

my catalogs came last week. . . i am loving both the clothes and house and home. . stunning photography!

Robin said...

This fall is the first time I've gotten Toast catalogs, and I love them. They're so cozy.