more eye candy

.... found while window-shopping:

[pine tree mini notebook from jengs shop. I also love the cherry blossom note cards.]

[Bird #21 limited edition print from Geninne's Art Store. As Kate said, it's tough to choose just one of Geninne's amazing pieces. Why not all? Therefore, I'm still looking around. This little bird is my current (computer) desktop artwork, fyi.]

[OK, I ordered this word heart (from one of my favorite Etsy shops, rae dunn), but it seemed appropriate to my situation. I plan to use it as a paperweight on my cluttered desk. All photos from the respective Etsy shops.]

With that, I'm off to finish up a bit of research, write an outline, and hopefully the first, crappy paragraph of my next Curator article. I'll post a few writing room-activities on books for calvin later today ....


nicole said...


I have to leave this note here, because I've already left too many on facebook today.

just when I thought you couldn't be any more kind to me, I went and got today's mail - you are unlike anyone I've ever known, jenni. the way you care for others is so gentle and unique, and constant. you reminded me to love others more than myself, and to look for ways to do so. your very spirit "heals" us all. you're one in a million, jenni, thank you. ...and you even sent "female toner" ;). I'll be sure to try the cake as well.

I love, love, love you.

jenni said...

Goodness, Nicole ~ you almost made me cry here. Thanks so much for your kind words, though I'm not sure they're all true.

(enjoy the tea....)