bon iver

I'm having trouble writing this week thanks to candida die-off, but maybe my struggle is due to old-fashioned writer's block as well. Last night I pulled out a favorite book, Bird by Bird, and that helped a lot, especially the "Shitty First Drafts" chapter (Anne Lamott said it, not me). I am for sure writing one of those today. A necessary step, as Ms. Lamott reminded me.

I discovered another writing aid: to listen to a good song or two before I start typing or moving a pen. Thanks to Paste and a literary salon, I've been watching Bon Iver videos on YouTube. Here's one of the song "Flume" ~ both soothing and haunting, and the melody matches my general, current mood:

Perhaps I'll pick up Bon Iver's album - For Emma, Forever Ago - on iTunes to celebrate meeting my Curator deadline on Friday.


Johnny! said...

French for "good Iver."

allison said...

I love that album, too.

The best cure for writer's block is a deadline!

I enjoyed your first artcile even though, again, you made me homesick.

jenni said...

Sorry, Allison.