2009 lotta fabric calendar

[photo courtesy of Lotta Jansdotter]

Oh yes, the 2009 Lotta Jansdotter fabric calendar (in orange above)! It also comes in blue and green; I think blue will suit our kitchen walls best. Johnny just gave the OK to order away. What a guy.

....I just had a great idea. Once we collect a few more of these fabric calendars in the coming years, I'll hang them on the wall adjacent to the stairs - to mark our life in this house. Yes, I like that visual very much. I've been wondering what the heck to hang there for the longest time.

Now, if you'd rather, there's a 2009 cushion calendar. L. Jansdotter thinks of everything.

And I'm still holding out for a new mug. Please, Lotta?


robyn a. jones said...

i want one... i need to take pictures of her book i bought.. :)

jenni said...

I'd love to see.

Kimberly said...

I need to find a new Ansel Adams calendar for 2009. I've loved the one I got for this year!

jenni said...

New calendars are fun, aren't they?

Liz said...

just seeing this...i bought one of her books right before Ike...
can't remember the name but its about how to print/stamp with anything.
can't wait to try some patterns on my dining room wall!
i love her style!