band of horses

Thanks to Pandora, I discovered my new favorite group: Band of Horses. I heard the song "St. Augustine" on Pandora then hopped over to the band's gorgeous web site to hear "Is There a Ghost" and "The Funeral" (click "media"). I can just tell that I will love Band of Horses. I'm thankful Pandora is free, but I predict a purchase from iTunes.

FYI, our house is not sleepy at all today. We both slept so much better, semi-sprung out of bed, and the weather is wide awake; there's even a chill in the air. Autumn is finally cozying up to Houston. Time to go pumpkin shopping ~ our front porch is bare.


Lindsay said...

I love Band of Horses. Their station is my favorite on Pandora. "Is There a Ghost" is a great fall song (since I first heard it last fall, it puts me in an autumn mood). :)

jenni said...

A Band of Horses station is a great idea! I'll check it out soon. Kate Ortiz (behind the gate blog) also suggested an Iron & Wine station - it's lovely.

Holly Gil said...

Shannon found this band last January and LOVED them. They are from Seattle so I guess they are more popular up there than down in H-Town. Good find Jenni!!

jenni said...

Shannon did always have great taste!