the curator ~ edition #6

The table of contents:

Sandra McCracken:
A Red Balloon of Hope (Part 1)

Jenni Simmons
Part one of a two-part interview with singer/songwriter Sandra McCracken.
[part two will publish next Friday (10/17)]

Playing God on Private Practice
Alissa Harris
Bioethics makes an appearance on prime-time television.

Daniel Nayeri
Sugar will kill you, right?

As always, The Curator coincides with at least one of my current interests. I've taken to watching Private Practice, seeing if a spin-off from one of my favorite shows (Grey's Anatomy) can make it. I actually think it can and if I ever decide to dye my hair (temporarily), it would be the color of Addison's, but maybe a bit more on the brunette side of auburn.

Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy edition #6 and I also hope you will check out Sandra McCracken's latest album, Red Balloon. I'm still listening to it.


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i really enjoyed reading your interview. i look forward to part 2.:)

jenni said...

Thanks, Laura. :)