Today I'm thinking about the food on our table....

-And reading The New York Times Magazine - "The Food Issue."

-God creates and provides every single menu item; we are to be good stewards. I've got a ways to go, but pondering the issues is important, too.

-During my restricted (yet bountiful) yeast-free diet, I have not missed fast food once. Well, on occasion, perhaps a batch of old-fashioned French fries, but that's about it. I think all this detoxing has changed much of my palate.

-Alissa hipped me to the Slow Food Nation conference videos. So far, I've only watched one, but it was great ~ Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, and Alice Waters; and Carlo Petrini (founder of the international Slow Food movement) speaking beautiful Italian:

-Nicole hipped me to Gourmet magazine's Diary of a Foodie; full episodes from season one are available online. Yesterday I watched "Italy: Home Cooking." I'm inspired by the idea of Italians opening their doors to offer home-cooked meals to strangers. Yes, thank you, I'd love to visit such homes.

On that note, it's time for a late lunch: a big bed of salad greens topped with herb turkey, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil - ginger root beer to wash it all down. And, Sweet Thai Delight tea w/coconut milk for dessert. Simplicity can be delicious.


Margie Haack said...

I've just read the same! Although I've set aside Michael Pollan's article for the moment, it's looong.
And there you go again with coconut milk. I'm slow at linking, but Curator is going up now.

kate o. said...

isn't "diary of a foodie" great? we stopped getting it on our local pbs station, so i'll have to check it out online. another great pbs foodie show was "endless feast" where the crew travels to a particular city and prepares a meal where all the food comes from the surrounding area. i'm not sure what happened with that show but hopefully it will be back. good stuff!

i'll be sure to check out the slow food videos.

jenni said...

Margie, I really do like coconut milk. I guess it wouldn't work on cereal, but it sure works in hot beverages (and Thai food). I'll probably use coconut milk even after my body is behaving. Thanks for linking to The Curator!

Kate, Endless Feast sounds really great. I need to check up on my local PBS listings. How's that Spain show? :)

nicole said...

thank you for hipping me to the slow food nation conference videos, sweetie.

have a good day!