At one point, I pretty much swore off memes, but Kimberly is a sweet friend, so why not?

6 Random Things About Me:

1. Obviously, I'm super happy and thankful that Johnny and I have worked out so well. But way back in the day, had River Phoenix asked me to marry him, I would've said yes. Major crush. Love the movie, Dogfight. Even The Thing Called Love just because River was in it, and played guitar.

2. This is probably not big news, but wasps scare the bejeebers out of me. I'm getting better with bees, but I still have a hard time with the advice, "Stand still and bees/wasps won't sting you." Right.

3. Johnny says that I'm funny when he least expects it. I don't actually think I'm very funny at all, so I'm pleasantly surprised when he laughs at something I said/did.

4. I SO relate to this poem by Billy Collins (in the Nov. 2008 Real Simple):

The Straightener

Even as a boy I was a straightener.
On a long table near my window
I kept a lantern, a spyglass, and my tomahawk.

Never tomahawk, lantern, and spyglass.
Always lantern, spyglass, tomahawk.

You could never tell when you would need them,
but that was the order you would need them in.

On my desk: pencils at attention in a cup,
foreign coins stacked by size,

a photograph of my parents facing me,
and under the blotter with its leather corners,
a note from a girl I was fond of.

These days, it's the cans of soup in the pantry-
no, not alphabetical, it's not like that-
just stacked in a pyramid beside
the white candles lying in rows like logs of wax.

And if I can avoid phoning my talkative aunt
on her eighty-something birthday,
or doing my taxes

I will measure with a ruler the space
between the comb and the brush on the dresser,
the distance between shakers of salt and pepper.

And I will devote as much time as it takes
to line up my shoes in the closet,
pair by pair, in chronological order

or according to my degree of affection for them
if I can put off having to tell you, dear,
what I really think and what I now must do

5. I have a strange affection for reality shows (The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Jon and Kate Plus 8, The Hills....) that I really can't explain. It's more of a morbid fascination. There's a line I cannot cross, though. I tried to watch Girls Next Door, for example, but it was too much.

6. In middle school, I was a big fan of New Kids on the Block. My favorite Kid was Jon. A foreshadowing?

Kimberly, I rarely have success with tagging folks, so I'm not gonna play by the meme-rules entirely. But if any of you care to share your randomness, please let me know. I need a good laugh.


kate o. said...

2. i agree. they're creepy.
4. billy collins is coming for the miami book fair so i'm hoping to score some free tickets to a reading!
6. jon was my favorite, too.

alissa wilkinson said...

Yay Billy Collins! He'll be at the IAM conference this year!

Holly Gil said...

River was going to be MY husband - I still have the newspaper clipping from his death on my notes board. Oh, and The Thing Called Love is next in my Netflix que because Rick has never seen it and it's a MUST SEE!!

I also don't think people will get the whole "The Straightener" thing until they have seen you put things on the table for Goodwill, and then straiten them, come back later and straighten them again, wake up the next moring and make sure they are still straight, and then straighten them one last time before they are put in the box to be taken to Goodwill which would be placed back on the table exactly square with the nearest place mat, which will be straightened along with the was a very cute moment for me to witness.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for playing along Jenni! This was my first meme in the blogging world and thought it was fun.

jenni said...

Kate, I hope you get to hear Billy Collins! And Jon wasn't the most popular Kid in my circle of friends, so I'm glad you saw his appeal. :)

Alissa, I would LOVE to attend that IAM conference. We shall see.

Holly, I've grown up enough that I won't even try to deny the Goodwill scenario. You and Johnny could swap some good stories, I'm sure.

Thanks for tagging me, Kimberly! :)

Katja said...

Oh I love The Thing Called Love too! :)