book giveaway winner

OK, so I drew the name out of a coffee cup, but it's only because this mug is nice and big - plenty of room to rummage around with my eyes closed. The Road of Lost Innocence book giveaway winner is kwatkins! k., please send me your home address - my e-mail is listed in my profile to your right. I'll send off Somaly Mam's book and a few tea bags sometime this week. And I'd love to hear your thoughts about The Road of Lost Innocence when you're finished reading, if you will.

* UPDATE [11/20] - kwatkins, I'll give you another week to send your info., but if I don't hear from you by 11/27, I will draw another name. Thanks!


kate o. said...

i just got this from the library and finished it a night or so ago.

i share your feelings of anger and nausea at the book. it's kind of hard to wrap your thoughts around it all.

omar and i ended up having a good discussion about sin. and a good back-and-forth about the influence of judeo-christian teachings on culture, whether or not the majority of the population claims christ or not.

thanks for letting me know about the book. the book indeed came across urgent, perhaps choppy at times? but her stark writing definitely gave a clear picture of what happens to those children.

jenni said...

I'm so glad you read this book, too. I think Johnny and I would've had lots to say in that discussion of yours. Cambodia and other similar countries desperately need the Gospel. Our country is by no means perfect, but this particular crime is not as widespread here, either, thank God.