"happy" election day

I do take this election seriously, but we're not taking it too seriously around here. Mr. Sock Monkey just wishes he could vote. Boy, I do, too.

I am planning to watch quite a bit of TV coverage, though I'll turn down the volume often to catch up on some fantastic reading material:


kate o. said...

we just sent in our order to start getting "books and culture" again. very excited.

and the free tickets for seeing billy collins are available tomorrow. part of me is nervous that they will "sell out" right away. some people are nervous about the election today and here i am nervous about not scoring billy collins tickets!

jenni said...

I'd be nervous about Billy Collins tickets, too! I really hope you score. :)

(I'm not really nervous about the election)

robyn a. jones said...

oo.. i am. my stomach is a nervous wreck.