the curator ~ edition #11

[R* day by tomilym]

I'm waking up today with a fragrant cup of Assam tea, and The Curator, edition #11.

The table of contents:

What Ghosts Teach:
Oliver Sacks's Awakenings, Part 1

by Rebecca Tirrell Talbot
What could being asleep for fifty years, and then awakening, teach a person about life?

Boffo Socko Jaco
by Kevin Gosa
Bassist Jaco Pastorius’ seminal work, The Birthday Concert.

Belief in the Bones
by Alisa Harris
Rationalism, mystery, and forensic science - in prime time.

I'll be up in two weeks with an article about tea, so perhaps I should be thankful for a sore throat requiring several cups of throat coat tea, for the sake of research? That's what I'm telling myself. Thank God for this Friday, y'all (I'm trying to).

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