five senses saturday

[this photo by sandra juto]

-Glorious sunshine after a week of gray blankets overhead.
-Steam rising from my tea mug.
-A fantastic short story - "Good People" by David Foster Wallace.
-Inspiration for the future here and here.
-My Morning Jacket on Austin City Limits (we DVR'd it). Tonight: Aimee Mann followed by Iron & Wine.

-Explosions in the Sky radio, thanks to a tip from a writer-friend, Wm. Anthony Connolly. Explosions in the Sky are from Texas - even cooler.
-The tea kettle singing.
-An airplane coasting overhead (we live near a small airport).
-My husband blowing his nose every five seconds, poor thing - he caught a cold. I caught it, too. Poor me.
-Harley purring near my head in bed.

-Refried pinto beans w/roasted chile + lime and scrambled eggs for breakfast.
-"Garbanzo crunchies" via the habit of being. Thank you, Nicole! We sprinkled sea salt over this goodness after it baked, too. Next time, in addition to olive oil, I'll toss the garbanzo beans in tahini as well. I predict a regular snack here.
-More throat coat tea (this stuff really works). And echinacea elder tea (quite good for you).*
-Yummy whey protein-almond butter-cinnamon-nutmeg smoothies.
-Dipping grilled chicken in sweet red pepper/toasted almond soup.

-A cinnamon broom (pine + cinnamon oil) hanging in the laundry room - a wonderful antidote to cat box-smell.
[I want to hang these woodsy sachets in our closets]
-Turkish coffee. Let's hear it for cardamom.
-Ylang ylang daily shower spray.
-Rose petal witch hazel toner.

-A bamboo spoon.
-The texture of sea salt.
-Heat from the stovetop.
-A book in my hands.
-Crummy, yet grateful.

* - [lately, my morning beverage of choice is Assam tea which is my favorite variety of black tea. A quote by my dear Mom bears repeating because it's very amusing.... I told her once how much I love Assam tea and she said, "I don't think I could drink it because I can't handle 'ass' in the a.m.." You have to know her to think that's funny, but oh my, that is funny. She's the most lovely, intelligent, hilarious woman I know. I'm happy that our weekly phone call is scheduled for today - I bet she'll cheer me up.]


kate o. said...

love those cinnamon brooms. and love those rooms on cakies. again, i need a girl.

jenni said...

Kate, I believe we'll both have little girls, I really do. Though I also look forward to boy-craziness. :)