the curator ~ edition #13

[photo by Jennifer Causey]

I don't know about y'all, but I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my nutty family. My 34th birthday was amazing, too; both days were full of beautiful food. I promise to blog all about it when we return home, but for now, I'm eating breakfast in my parents' house, reading a new edition of The Curator:

The Dress Project
by Tala Strauss
An experiment in wearing the same dress for a month achieves some surprising and thought-provoking results.

The Day Boy and the Night Girl
by Linnea Leonard Kickasola
Is classical music dying? Not if American opera composers have something to say about it, including Jordan Wentworth Farrar, composer of this new American opera.

An Interview with Katie Herzig (Part 2)
by Tom Wilkinson
The second of a three-part interview, in which Herzig talks candidly about her creative process, making music in the Nashville community, and her latest effort, “Apple Tree.”

The Slow Art of Tea
by Jenni Simmons
Understanding the ritual and beauty of tea, which reaches across time and the globe.

The Fight for Salmon in Upstream Battle
by Sarah Hanssen
In a country overrun with Wal*Marts and convenience stores, the idea of living dependent only on the land seems abstract. But director Ben Kempas’s new documentary turns that distant truth into a concrete reality.

Reflections on Norma Jean Roy's Traffik Exhibition Opening
by Christy Tennant
Two very different approaches to the deadly serious topic of sex trafficking.

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