A partial packing list for a road trip to my parents' casa this evening:

-A bottle of Texas honey wine (to share). We purchased this beverage in Gruene during our anniversary earlier this year, looking ahead to my healing. When I remember things like this I laugh out loud, then cry saying, "Thank You." Basket case?
-Local raw honey, to drizzle on my breakfast of plain Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and granola.
-Moroccan orange spice tea ~ my Mom's gonna love this one.
-Laptop (my parents have wi-fi, God bless 'em).
-Yep, I'm taking Nystatin along for the ride. I'm definitely healed, but a nurse recommended a transition of treats and meds here at the end. Sounds wise to me.
-Digestive enzymes.
-Probiotics, my faithful friend 'til I'm old and gray.
-Yeast-free snacks and things which I actually enjoy. I've learned the art of balance this past year and a half.
-Both of our neti pots. We're still fighting snot somewhat, though this is improving, too.
-A good book, and a good magazine (with a good CD).
-Moleskine and my favorite pen (micro + black).
-A Bible.
-Good music on Johnny's iPod and podcasts on my nano.
-Vanilla chai lotion and a variety of lip balm.
-Sock monkey slippers.
-Scarf. - [I knew I forgot something]
-Sweater + coat.

I love November - now it will always and forever remind me of new life, praise be to God.


Bethany said...

Moroccan orange spice tea sounds dreamy.

I added you as a friend on Good Reads - I hope that's ok? We seem to have similar taste in books, so I'd love to be able to snoop around in your reading lists.

Christine said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving (and birthday!) this will be for you! I forget, will I see you this trip?

Lindsay said...

Enjoy your trip, Jenni! I'm very glad you're feeling better.

robyn a. jones said...

i hope you have a great birthday! what a treat! i got you a little something to celebrate, but it will arrive a little later... in true robyn fashion.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

im so happy you're doing so much better! have a beautiful thanksgiving!

Kimberly said...

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy that delicious food! Have a great birthday too. Love the photo ~ I wonder what has Milo's attention?

jenni said...

Bethany, that is totally fine! I love to look at others' bookshelves.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow, Stine!

Thank you, Lindsay, Robyn, and Laura!
(Robyn, I'm always belated, too)

Kimberly, Milo was very hyper during that moment though my photo doesn't capture it. :)