i tried

Yesterday, I babysat my friend Amy's 3-year-old son, Ian, for a few hours. We had a grand ole time. He worked in his dinosaur sticker book and taught me all about those massive reptiles. We played with his freaking cool Batman cave (I kind of wanted one). Ian showed me very impressive Lego structures that his brother, Athan, built: a yellow tractor, a red dump truck, a white police helicopter, and an orange car with a trailer attachment holding a jet ski. I rolled the vehicles down the hallway to where the "water" was - for the little jet ski dude (Ian flew the helicopter). There was snack time: coffee and almonds (me), and a health food cocoa-snack bar and vanilla hemp milk (Ian. He actually loves these - a result of his brother's special diet). We watched cartoons, too, since it was a rainy day. I like Dora, but I'm not a fan of SpongeBob. We did laugh at some of his antics, but thinking ahead to my own kids, I didn't see much of an actual story or educational lesson. It was too "out there" for me. Am I super uptight, or do some of you parents feel the same way?

Anyway, in the midst of one of these flicks, a few bees buzzed about the screen which resulted in the following conversation:

Ian [with grave seriousness]: I do not like bees. They sting.

Jenni [empathizing, but sensing an opportunity]: That's true, but did you know bees do something good?

Ian [not buying this at all]: No, they don't.

Jenni: They make honey!

Ian: I do not like honey.

Jenni [incredulous]: You don't like honey?? Man, I sure do.

Ian: I don't like honey. I like hot dogs, chips, avocados .... Not honey.

Jenni: But your Mom loves honey in her tea.

Ian: I don't like honey. Bees sting.

Jenni [trying to muster sincerity]: Well, did you know if you stand still, they won't sting you?

Ian: No.... But I don't like bees.

I really tried. I'm sure my fear of stinging insects started early, so I wanted to help the kid out.

[home sweet home plaque from rae dunn's Etsy shop. It's an item from my Etsy wish list, so I think I've matured a bit in regard to bees. There is hope for Ian.]


frosty said...

Thanks so much for posting the story! It was fun to read. And thanks again for coming over, it meant more than you know! Ian actually asked if you could come over again today to play :)
The kids usually don't watch Spongebob that much, there are better things to fill their little growing minds with, but Ryan and I think it is quite humorous at times :)

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you got to play. You handled the Bee conversation quite well. We've been having the same discussion with Violet for some time now.

We don't watch Spongebob either. Matter of fact, we rush to change the station when we think it's coming on. Thankfully, Violet doesn't realize what she's missing when we turn it off.

Christine said...

Ha! I love kid conversations.

jenni said...

Frosty/Amy, I'd love to come over again soon and play with Ian, and chat with you.

Kimberly, thanks for your parental input. :)

Nicole Garic said...

I don't let my kids watch Spongebob. I am really selective about what I let the kids watch. I figure that they are only young and innocent once and there's no need to turn them into teenagers before their time.

mlh said...

There's just no arguing with kid logic.

Beckye said...

Things are certainly different when your kids start watching them. :) We watched a lotta Bugs Bunny when Jonathan was little since he loved it. We didn't love it when Bugs' attitudes started coming out of our little 5 year old's mouth!! :D

Prov. 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." We are the gaurdians of our little ones' hearts until they are old and mature enough in the Lord to do it themselves. :)

So, no I don't think you're too uptight. :) It's quite a responsibility. :) And blessing!