happy sabbath food

Seeing as I believe I’ll be healthy here soon, I’ve been planning a few celebration meals, such as:

-Breakfast ~ plain Greek yogurt w/granola and honey.

-Lunch at Cafe Lili.

-Dinner at Shiva ~ chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, naan dipped in raita, and my favorite Chilean merlot. Kheer for dessert (click here for menu details).

-Um, how about Chestnut-Armagnac soufflé with bittersweet chocolate sauce or Eggnog flan on cinnamon crust?? Or Devil's Food layer cake with peppermint frosting? I saw these recipes as I flipped through bon appétit in the checkout line. Johnny thinks we should try the soufflé first; I agree.

[not all on the same day, I might add]

However, I am oh so grateful this Sabbath for good yeast-free eats we found during a little grocery shopping after Church:

-Spicy pumpkin soup (vegetable stock, pumpkin, carrot, onion, coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, cilantro, curry, garam masala, sea salt). I’m totally going to make this myself soon.

-East Indian flax krisps (gold flax seeds [sprouted and ground], pumpkin seeds [sprouted], Roma tomatoes, cilantro, carrots, yellow onion, red and green bell peppers, garlic, tumeric, curry, tandoori spice, paprika, sea salt, lemon juice). Just this past week, I was whining over my split pea soup, “I really wish I could have some crackers with this.” Even if these are hippie-crackers, they are really, really good. Johnny concurs. I could make flax krisps, too, after I learn the whole sprouting process.

-Ingredients for my friend’s spicy pumpkin chili recipe. Yes, I'll share her recipe once I’ve enjoyed a few bowls.

-I should mention that a to-go cup of Earl Grey this morning hit the spot.

It gets even better - as I type, Johnny is brewing Turkish coffee on the stove for me and our overnight guest, Stu. Afterward, Johnny will cook beef fajitas + grilled veggies, and whip up his famous guacamole (or “rockamole”, as he calls it). I’ll make Margie Haack's hummus. It may not technically complement Mexican food, but I’ve been craving homemade hummus for weeks now.

Cheers to the Lord, y’all.


kate o. said...

and now i am very hungry. and really wanting some rockamole.

nicole said...

shiva sounds like a fabulous eatery.

indian food is a favorite of mine. when we travel home for the holidays, there's a favorite place I hope to bring ben to. you simply must read their dinner menu

let me know how you like the garbanzo "crunchies". love you!

Christine said...

Give me a little notice, and I'm coming to Houston to celebrate with you!!

nicole said...

p.s. I'm thrilled for you! can't believe I didn't say it earlier.

happy healing, and happy eating.

jenni said...

Kate, Johnny's rockamole did not disappoint. Nor did Margie's hummus.

Nicole, you would absolutely love Shiva. And whoa, The Oven's menu is making me hungry!

I'll do it, Christine! Wanna stay with us? :)