Isn't that mug a beauty? I now own four pieces of Rae Dunn's work and I predict many more to follow. Something about her art speaks to me. I think part of it is the following description of her philosophy which I read on Magenta's web site:

"Her inspiration comes from the earth and she finds beauty in simple shapes, natural forms and found objects. Her utilitarian approach to designing ceramics is strongly based on the Japanese aesthetic of wabisabi; the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Her work captures the simplicity and playfulness that are the cornerstones of her own life. Built entirely by hand, Rae’s work often elicits a physical response, asks to be touched and provides a sense of reassurance that we have our feet on the ground. You will find text incorporated in her work, which lends a higher level of meaning and point of view to her creations."

Beauty in the "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" also comes forth from the work of another favorite artist of mine, Makoto Fujimura. He describes this a bit in his brilliant essay, "Psalms and Lamentations: Fallen Towers and the Art of Tea." Obviously, I can't get enough of that essay as I mentioned it in my last Curator article, too.

Christine, thank you again for the "CREATE." mug! It is very conducive to a day of writing, and so is my semi-new winter inspiration wire in the living room:

[purple for Advent, wooden red poinsettias (an homage to my Grandmother, Nina), and plenty of simply photo (as always). I own "Kindred" in notebook form, too - I love that photograph deep within.]

[it seems I can't let go of this black & white print. It's the beautiful Nordic aesthetic, the mittens, the way it portrays how God loves us, and I just realized today that the old man very much reminds me of Johnny's Dad. It's funny how an image strikes us for whatever reason, then whispers a new story later.]

Now I'm gonna scoot upstairs. There is no way I'll get any writing done down here. Milo has gone bonkers once again. He's knocked Poetry off the coffee table, chewed on the Christmas tree skirt, played hockey with plastic bottle caps, and spun around like a mini-tornado for a good 30 minutes. I truly believe he is partial preparation for motherhood. I have to discipline Milo way more than Harley, but I love crazy little Milo so much. Whenever he wears out and grows tired of the water-squirt bottle, he curls up in his soft cat bed, or even better, on my blanket-covered lap. It's amazing how quickly my temper diffuses when he purrs.


alissa said...

I bought the Kindred notebook, too :)

Christine said...

you're so welcome :) it had your name all over it.

Sherry said...

Jenni, You e-mailed me once or twice about your doctor and treatment program for yeast. Somehow I've deleted these. I was wondering if you are still on the Nystatin while you add fruits and sugars back in? mcintoshfam at gmail dot com. I'd so appreciate an update. Blessings.

Kimberly said...

I just put up the wooden Christmas tree postcard that you gave me last year. I love how it looks with my other things on the msg. board.

jenni said...

Alissa, great minds think alike. At least I hope so because your brain is inspiring. :)

I'm so glad you still like it, Kimberly!

Sherry, I will e-mail you this week. Gotta finish writing an article here first....

Sherry said...

Thanks Jenni. You're so sweet.