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I'm waiting on the gray and rain to bid Houston goodbye. Then the natural light in our living room will improve, making for a much better photo op. My friend Kierstin sent the most amazing piece of her artwork for my (belated) birthday and I'm dying to show it to y'all. Until then, care to see one of the best poets on the planet? Thanks to a tip from Kate, I watched Billy Collins read a few of his poems last night while Johnny was at rehearsal. Billy is very funny (I pretend we're on a first name basis):

Also, the greater part of my morning involved sitting near a crackling fireplace (34 degrees outside), cradling a warm mug of Enfusia, and listening to Almost and Always, Part 1 by David Mead (via NoiseTrade). I already told 5 people about this lovely album, but I wanted to tell more, so here you go:

And now, Johnny and I are gonna celebrate the 2nd Sunday in Advent a few days late (it happens): hang new pieces on the Nativity Advent calendar, light two candles this time, pray + read Scripture, and hang purple ornaments on the tree while listening to Sufjan. On the actual 2nd Sunday in Advent, our Church went caroling at a nursing home down the street. It's a pretty run-down place with run-down souls, but it was one of the most well-spent times of my entire life.


Lindsay said...

I want to go to your house for Advent!

Christine said...

Seriously, your house looks so cozy. I love that candleholder, where did you get it? And I can't wait to see what Kierstin made you!

abigail said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

jenni said...

Lindsay, if you happen to be in Houston (ever), let me know! :)

Thanks, Stine. I got the Advent wreath + candles here:

You're very welcome, Abigail.

Alina said...

Out of curiosity, is there anything specific you read for advent? I've wanted to do some sort of reading as a family, but I haven't been sure where to begin. The photos are indeed so cozy.

jenni said...

We use a form of family prayer that our pastor put together. I can actually e-mail it to you if you'd like.

We also use the Bible readings in our Church's prayer book lectionary. I have the prayer book in pdf form, too, that I could send you, but you probably don't want that whole thing. :)

kate o. said...

that little tree in the middle of the wreath makes me want it even more...and want the tree.

we, too, have a fireplace. but not of the working variety. i'm tempted to shove an old tv in it and play a continuous dvd of a burning fire.

jenni said...

I purchased some of those little trees (very cheap) from Casey's Wood Products last year, but I can't seem to find 'em on their site this year - maybe I'm not looking in the right place?:

I think a TV-fire would be awesome, truly. :)