the curator ~ edition #16

[Band of Horses]

Good morning, y'all. I'm sipping Enfusia yerba mate; today with a cinnamon stick, raw cream, and vanilla stevia. I'm running through a to-do list in my mind yet peaceful (for now). I'm eating a yummy breakfast prepared by my kind husband's hands: a turkey sausage-egg-veggie scramble and a Granny Smith apple. I'm also listening to Band of Horses radio due to the Pandora symposium on The Curator today:

Green Ogres and Other Unfortunate Trends on Broadway
by Christy Tennant
Lament the latest trend on the Great White Way: film adaptations for stage and revivals. Where are the new shows?

Pandora Radio:
Rewarding Your Curiosity

by the Staff of The Curator
Whether or not Pandora released all evil on mankind, she did manage to lend her name to a much more worthy project - the Music Genome Project’s Pandora internet radio.

Podcast: The Movies of 2008
(link to Patrol magazine website)
by Alissa Wilkinson, Alisa Harris, and David Sessions
Alissa Wilkinson joins Alisa Harris and David Sessions of Patrol magazine to wade through the deluge of last-minute Best Picture hopefuls and take a look back at the year in film.

I wrote my symposium contribution during autumn, but I'm happy to report that Band of Horses radio is also good winter music. Today: Death Cab for Cutie, Iron & Wine and Calexico, My Morning Jacket, Damien Rice, Band of Horses (love them - it's soon time for a CD), The Deadly Syndrome, The Shins, etc..

Well, I best get to it. Today is "kitchen day" cleaning-wise, then off to finish up gift-shopping + a few other errands. We'll also be putting lots of books on new Billy bookshelves upstairs; IKEA had a great sale, and we had stacks of books here and there. With the reappearance of sunlight, I predict a very fun, productive day.

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