in need of a Christ candle

Right before my parents arrived, the house was quiet save for our friend Frank Hart's Being Christmas album. I had his version of "Ave Maria" on repeat; really quite moving.

Johnny and I decided that our little Advent wreath needed a white Christ candle of some sort in the middle. We figured a tea light would do.

Don't let that cleared-off corner fool you. This is what lay behind it on the coffee table:

Did you see the free gift tags from Inside a Black Apple? I punched a hole in those cute things and tied 'em to brown paper bags with twine.

Other goodness this evening:

-An amazing spiced pear + clove candle - a kind hostess gift from my Mom.
-My Dad on guitar for quite awhile.
-Hanging star ornaments on the tree; again celebrating a Sunday in Advent one day late. What is our problem?
-Johnny cooked steak, even impressing my Mom who is not usually a fan of beef.
-Blueberries & cream for dessert. Again.
-Serious laughter.
-A late bath by candlelight + a cup of tea.
-I started reading a new novel by a new favorite author.

Now, I really ought to be sleeping like my husband next to me, so I bid you goodnight. If I don't have time to blog again until after Thursday, I pray y'all have a blessed Advent and Christmastide - all 12 days! May you feast and drink and be merry, in honor of the greatest gift to our culture, and to the world - the swaddled infant Jesus, crying in full humanity while already King. Glory be.


Lindsay said...

Merry Christmas, Jenni!

jenni said...

Merry Christmas to you, Lindsay!