the curator ~ edition #17 [and the aftermath of Christmas day]


[photo by Johnny]

[our Godson, Judah. Photo by Johnny.]


[photo by me]

[photo by me]

[photo by me]

Houston weather was far from Christmasy and I was moody, yet even so, this might have been our best Christmas Day ever. Maybe I'll elaborate when I've had more sleep.... In the meantime, what made yesterday so great was the realization that not only is our family amazing, but some of our friends have truly become family. Having a house full of folks we love was really something. So was Fat Bastard merlot, and my Mom's idea to make the Barefoot Contessa's French chocolate bark. And buttermilk pie + Texas piƱon coffee (a gift from my in-laws) for breakfast. Plus, there are twelve days of Christmas, and much more to these holy-days than sugar. This reminds me, our Church's Christmas Eve service was lovely; incense smoke hovered over the altar.

I did receive fun gifts including good books: The Elements of Style Illustrated, Surprised by Hope, Jane Austen: the Complete Novels, and The Wrinkle in Time Quintet. So today, I'll be perusing those titles and reading a new edition of The Curator:

Building Hope Through Sustainable Design:
An Interview with Clean Green Studios

by Alissa Wilkinson
Creating green products that make the world spin more smoothly.

"I Am Not a Machine":
Addressing God in Less-Established Terms

by Samuel Kho
The latest CIVA exhibition, called “I Am Not a Machine”, acts as a fitting follow-up for those curious about Christian belief and new art practices.

Moskow, Belgium
by Sarah Hanssen
This the kind of film that appeals to both the hopeless romantics and the sarcastic cynics.

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nicole said...

glad you had a blessed nativity, jenni. what a joyous feast this is!