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1. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. Amazing. A beautiful, melancholy story. The special effects are unreal. And I was very happy that the movie theater sold Tazo tea and Starbucks coffee; definitely a step up. I enjoyed a hot cup of Calm tea.

2. Other movies I want to see:

-Revolutionary Road.
-The Wrestler.
-The Spirit.
-Gran Torino.
-Rachel Getting Married.
-Quantum of Solace.
-Wendy and Lucy.
-Synecdoche, New York.
-Wall-E (it's in our Netflix queue).

3. I gave these discs to Johnny for Christmas ~ both are fantastic:

-Shine a Light: The Rolling Stones.
-A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!.

4. I received these beloved discs:

-The Red Balloon (from my brother).
-Harold and Maude (from Johnny).
-The Best of The Johnny Cash TV Show: 1969-1971 (from my Mom-in-law).

5. On Monday, we saw the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at The Museum of Natural Science. Johnny and I find these exhibits educational and very honoring to God's creation, but we understand they're not for everyone. It is a "meat sacrificed to idols" issue for sure. I think it's worth seeing if you're the type who could handle viewing medical school cadavers with respect, but Body Worlds is not entertainment. I do find some good in Gunther von Hagens' vision of anatomy, so I'm going to write about it for The Curator soon.

6. However, I'll cover Sweet Land in my next Curator article. I will happily watch that movie again tomorrow; so good.

7. We'll be seeing a family of good friends to ring in 2009. Amy informed me that Johnny and I must play on their kids' Wii contraption. Since I suck at all manner of video games, me on the Wii should be something to see indeed.

8. 2009! Can you believe it? I can't wait to put up new calendars tomorrow:

-Lotta in the kitchen,
-port2port in our bedroom,
-Nikki McClure in my writing room,
-and Hello Handmade Paperie (on sale!) in the guest room.

Happy new year, y'all! As Benjamin Button's Mom said, "You never know what's coming your way." (or something to that effect)


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

glad you enjoyed the movie and the tea.

i was skimming the list of movies you want to see and i saw changling. be warned. . . it is a disturbing movie to say the least. i like drama's and even sad stories etc. . but i had trouble sleeping after this movie. very well made though. excellent cinematography.

still love your blog. :)

shanna murray said...

I'll be playing the wii for the fist time this evening as well! good luck to you and happy new year!!

kierstin said...

Harold and Maude is my favorite, and i just ordered the Red Balloon from Amazon yesterday for Eli and Me! :-)

Christine said...

Purty calendars. And I can't wait to see the Brad Pitt movie. And I also love Tazo Calm. Happy New Year, Jenni :)

kate o. said...

a happy new year to you! i'm looking forward to your curator article on "sweet land." and i'm excited to see what your 2009 brings.

Kimberly said...

Happy New Years! Let us know how you did on the Wii. I've got to go out and get my calendars tomorrow (hopefully the mall will be open). It's gonna be an early night for us since we're picking up a dear friend from college in Baytown tomorrow morning and taking her to the airport. May you have a blessed and happy New Year!!!

Lindsay said...

We have been talking extensively about getting a Wii, but have decided -- No, no, no! Too much to do. But it sure is fun!

I hope you enjoyed it.

jenni said...

Thanks for the warning, Laura. :)

Shanna, how was the Wii for you?

Kierstin, I learned about Harold and Maude from you, of course, and you and Eli will love The Red Balloon!

I did enjoy the Wii. I went virtual bowling, but I lost to Johnny. However, it was more fun to watch Johnny and Ryan in a round of boxing. :)

Happy new year everyone!