sniffing + listening

I aim to get back to "real blog-writing" here soon, but I think a list of what I've been sniffing and listening to bears posting.

Candles burning 'round the living room:

:: method hazelnut.

:: Spice of Life tea light.

:: Spiced pear & clove (a hostess gift from my Mom).

:: Vanilla tea light.

:: Vanilla coffee Beanpod candle (from my friend, Amy).

:: Bah Humbug tea light.

:: Saving Grace tea light.

By the tub:

:: An All-Nighter.

Upstairs in the TV room:

:: method spiced pear.

[I've decided that lotus flower tea light holders are the way to go. And I want to try these soy candles next.]


:: Sigur Rós' album, Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust (from Johnny).

:: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand (also from Johnny).

:: Feist's The Reminder (from my brother).

:: Waterdeep's Pink & Blue.

:: Aradhna's Amrit Vani, thanks to Alissa who posted a photo of one of the band members, Chris Hale, on facebook. I used to work for an indie music company (Grassroots) that sold Aradhna's CDs, so it was good to be reunited with this band. They sing worship songs in Hindi beautifully. Even Andy Whitman of Paste magazine loves Amrit Vani.

[not to be greedy, but I'd love to pick up The Innocence Mission's EP, Street Map. In fact, since it's a limited pressing, I'm gonna place an order right now. I'm a longtime Innocence Mission fan.]


alissa wilkinson said...

I love this kind of post :)

Johnny! said...

I likes me some Aradhna.

Alina said...

I also am a long time fan of the Innocence Mission. Thanks for the tip!

kate o. said...

that is some wonderful music you've got there! i'll be sure to check out aradhna.

jenni said...

Kate, you'll love Aradhna, I think. I have to say, all of that music I listed is incredible.

Kimberly said...

I love the lotus flower tea light holder! I've been hinting to Gregg that I want one. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

jenni said...

I sure did, Kimberly. I hope you did, too!