34 things to do before i turn 35

[a "Love Grows" valentine from Bound Staff Press]

As usual, I was inspired by Nicole's blog, so here's my own list....

1. Be pregnant.
2. Learn to play guitar and piano.
3. Line-dry our laundry in the Spring Summer Autumn.
4. Take a road trip with Johnny to New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona (to visit my Mom-in-law), and Utah (to pick up a cedar chest that Johnny's Dad made, and to see his family's house).
5. Learn to embroider, crochet, and knit.
6. Sing in our Church's choir. Maybe.
7. Resume visiting the nursing home.
8. Write a creative nonfiction essay.
9. Finish reading the Bible from cover to cover. [I decided to use the REC Prayer Book lectionary instead]
10. Take a few music theory lessons via my husband. He says this needs to happen before I do #2. I married a teacher, after all.
11. Buy a "little black dress."
12. Find just the right Christ Pantocrator icon to hang above the fireplace, artwork to hang above the living room sofa, and something thrifted to hang above our bed.
13. Befriend more of our neighbors.
14. Learn to garden and compost.
15. Live a more handmade life.
16. Put down the MacBook and knock off an impressive amount of my to-read list.
17. Be healthy - able to enjoy a balanced, varied diet.
18. Dine at t'afia.
19. Write a poem.
20. Revisit Nashville to see Kierstin & Eli, and Katy; drink coffee at Crema and Ugly Mugs, shop at Pangaea, hike around Radnor Lake, and meet some new folks, I hope.
21. Host Sabbath feasts in our dining room.
22. Learn the art of trusting God when things don't make a lick of sense, [ongoing, of course, but I'm starting to get the hang of it]
23. and bid the bad habits of despair, anger, fear, and worry (among others) goodbye. [also ongoing, but improved]
24. Visit the Live Oak Friends Meeting Skyspace here in Houston (once it reopens),
25. and the Nasher in Dallas the next time we visit my parents, Christine, and Jenny.
26. Learn to make granola. And bread.
27. Pay Alissa a visit in New York and catch some good theater.
28. Hopefully attend the Glen though we may have to win the lottery first (maybe this can coincide this with #4). [can't do this year - next year!]
29. See the Marfa lights (all this traveling might be a little ambitious, but you never know. Oh, we need to visit Allison and Wayne in Missouri, too....).
30. Submit my writing to a few journals and such.
31. Learn more about photography.
32. Find back patio furniture and hang white twinkle lights & rice paper lanterns out there.
33. Take up writing letters to family and friends again.
34. Write a song with Johnny. His most recent one - "Light of the Gentiles" - is especially great. Amazing Indian percussion, too.

* Then make a new list of 35 things....


kate o. said...

this is a great list. sabbath feasts are wonderful. t'afia looks delicious. and i hope you can cross off number 1, too!

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

great list! inspiring as usual!

mlh said...

You're going to be one very busy person. I'd like to hang the lights with you.

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all.

Margie, it is a very busy list, I admit, but here's to dreaming and getting busy. :)

jenni said...

Oh, and Margie, I think I'll take you up on that offer to help with the lights - Johnny and I are newbies....

jenni said...

And when I say "learn to....", I'm by no means implying I'll master the new hobbies. I'll just dive in and have fun. :)

Kimberly said...

This is a great list! There are some things on it that I want to do now. I have never heard of the Marfa Lights, sounds interesting.

I can teach you how to cross-stitch if you want some lessons. My wonderful mother-in-law taught me years ago.

Christine said...

I love it! I'll help you with the Nasher :)

nicole said...

it sounds like you'll have a happy year.

jenni said...

Kimberly - yes, I'd love lessons!

Christine - absolutely.

Thanks, Nicole.

shari said...

sounds fun jenni. hope you will keep us posted.

B said...

Great list...I turned 40 last year and began making a list of 40 things to do (see 40 amazing pieces of art, write 40 chapters, etc.) God had other plans and quickly inserted more important things in my life over the last few months that have kept me from my 40-list. Things are calmer now and your post has inspired me to dust off my list and give it another go.

Sabbath feasts are wonderful things. Do it. We have a group of four families that we rotate through homes for our Sabbath feasting. It makes celebrating the Lord's day all that much more wonderful.

Peace and health to you. B.

jenni said...

Will do, Shari! I might cross off #25 in Feb. ....

B, you're right - sometimes our plans change. But I'm all for inspirational goals. :)

alissa wilkinson said...

I have to say - it is probably cheaper to go to the Glen than visit New York. ;)

jenni said...

Oh, say it ain't so, Alissa!

Jocelyn said...

Jenni - I just read through your list. Very interesting! But I wanted to ask - our church has a choir? Where? :)

jenni said...

It is hard to see, but it's there. It needs women! Wanna join me? :)