the curator ~ edition #22 [welcome, lindsay crandall]

That's a favorite back issue of The World of Interiors. I never subscribed, but I once loved to flip through its glossy pages at Bookstop. The above cover photograph is of Le Corbusier's last architectural project - Saint-Pierre Church in Firminy, France. I love how light shines through the walls like a constellation as the sun moves across the sky. I have that magazine sitting atop a bookshelf in our library/TV room because the stars are just so purty every time I walk by.

In fact, I'll be spending most of today (and tomorrow) in the library writing an article as my deadline is imminent. Before I start, though, I'll make a cup of tea and read the newest edition of The Curator to perk up my weary brain. I'm especially interested in this edition with a piece about the late author, John Updike, and my blog-friend Lindsay's first article! My editor/cyber-friend, Alissa, contributed as well - she's always a great read:

Where is the Cinema?
Some Cities and Films in 2008

by M. Leary
A look at cities in the films of 2008, and how they arm us with ways to look at our neighborhoods and daily routines in thoughtful ways.

So Much to Read:
Updike, Angstrom and Procrastination

by Matt Beck
John Updike, RIP: the legacy and oeuvre.

New Year, New York, New Art...
by Wayne Adams
The new year means new art in Chelsea, and a new opportunity to feel the pulse of the art world.

Operation NICE:
A Reminder that Niceness Counts

by Lindsay Crandall
Harnessing the web to promote civility and goodwill.

Vivid Deconstruction

by Alissa Wilkinson
The intentional imperfections and brilliant life in painter Bruce Herman’s newest work.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am so happy to be part of the Curator! :)

jenni said...

Lindsay, I think you fit right in. :)