the curator ~ edition #20 [sweet land]

[young Inge]

For this new edition of The Curator, I had the pleasure of writing about one of my all-time favorite movies, Sweet Land:

Letter to a Young Poet
by Daniel Nayeri
So vast was my fanboy admiration of Billy Collins when I was in college, so unencumbered by facts my ambition, and so shameless my neophytic insolence, that I wrote the Poet Laureate of United States - Billy Collins - a poem.

Financial Frenzy:
Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

by Alisa Harris
The novel is about a suicidal, mad pursuit of knowledge - about the desire for immortality through information - and the crash that follows. It is one of those prescient books that resonates more today, with our own financial titans falling, than when it was written in 2003.

Sweet Land:
the Waltz of Olaf and Inge

by Jenni Simmons
Love your spouse, work hard on your sweet land, befriend your neighbor, and spin a good tale.

If you haven't seen Sweet Land, you really should add it to your Netflix queue ASAP. I'm now proud to own this lovely film to watch again and again and again. A good love story that even my husband can stomach (and admire) is hard to come by.

[old Inge; I love her glasses. Both photos courtesy of the official Sweet Land web site.]


kate o. said...

i just read your article, jenni. well done! i, too, love this movie, and now i think i love it more and need to watch it again (or buy it) after reading your words about it. this time i'll make omar watch it.

jenni said...

Thanks, Kate! I definitely think this movie is guy-friendly. Both my husband and some of our guy friends like it lots.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i loved your article!!!!! i have to see this movie now! wow.. .

jenni said...

Laura, you'll love the movie.

nicole said...

jenni, I loved your review. I'm sorry I'm only just now getting to it. xox

jenni said...

Thanks, Nicole!