gruene in pictures

My eyes are starting to look better, thank the good Lord. I'm not a big antibiotic/steroid fan, but eye drops and ointments will do just fine for the likes of conjunctivitis. Gee whiz.

Even so, I'm taking the easy way out and posting my favorite photos from Gruene with only a few words. Tomorrow, this weekend, or Monday I'll post the Austin pics and more thoughts of mine though they're somewhat bewildering.... Our anniversary trip was celebratory and very special, but oh so paradoxical. Such is life, right?

[the view from our balcony ~ a Gruene, TX sunset]

:: We walked to The Gristmill for dinner:

Me - bacon-wrapped steak, jalapeƱo-pinto beans, "Gruene beans", and Coppola merlot.
Johnny - salad, a ribeye on the bone, mashed potatoes from scratch, and a Tito's vodka martini.
Oh, and we sipped complimentary Ste. Genevieve wine in our room prior to dinner.

[my breakfast - a biscuit + honey, coffee, bacon and sausage, cinnamon-roasted apples, strawberries; and Johnny and I split this homemade cinnamon roll]

[dorky fun in the general store. You know Johnny loves me if he let me snap this photo. I, for one, think he's rocking the cowboy hat.]

[I'm helpless to spinning racks of gaudy glasses]

:: Johnny also picked up some amaretto fudge at the general store - his ritual every year.

[then on to antique-shopping]

[I fell in love with the salt bowl on the left, but the price tag was too high]

[green glass-light on the wooden floor caught my eye]

[I also fell in love with these cute Pyrex dishes. The price tags were better, but not for all three pieces I found here and there. So, I purchased the round covered dish with this same pattern, a wire egg-spoon to hang by the kitchen sink, and a wooden hymnal rack to hang in the living room - to hold my many periodicals (a photo of the last item coming soon). I really showed a lot of restraint.]


Christine said...

Um YUM to the breakfast! And SUPER cute glasses pic. That might even beat the ones we took at Cactus Records!

Alina said...

Oooh, this all looks so fun! Makes me long for a little getaway with my husband. Especially love the green glass lighting the wooden floor...beautiful! You asked me about sweet potato pancakes, and I don't think I've tried them. If they are anything like the sweet potato rolls I had a few years ago, I'd best get right on making a batch! Thanks for the tip. :-)

Kimberly said...

Great photos! I love the green glass light photo.

jenni said...

Stine, I thought of our Cactus visit as I took that pic. :)

Alina, we've used a sweet potato pancake mix, but yes, they are amazing. You should try a recipe sometime...

Julie said...

oh, looks like you had a lovely time! i love that little salt bowl. i hope your eyes are getting better!