these are healing today

["SING." by rae dunn]

+ Bright blue sky and sun.

+ A long hug from Johnny. Then he made me laugh.

+ Replenishing lip balm w/pomegranate oil....

+ Weleda wild rose intensive eye cream....

+ Vanilla chai lotion (God help my parched skin).

+ Another prayer from John Ballie's diary ~ better words than I could ever muster this morning.

+ Breakfast: scrambled eggs, an orange, three coconut flour chai cookies (ahem), and Texas piƱon coffee.

+ Pouring a steaming cup for my husband.

+ Laundry tumbling and drying with method water lily + aloe.

+ Listening to Street Map.

+ shanna murray's photostream.

+ A new issue of Books & Culture to read.

+ The house smelling of coffee.

+ A snail mail package ready to go. There's even paper doilies inside.

+ Still not feeling well and going on a lack of sleep, yet hopeful in the possibility that God will drop a well-written article into my lap upstairs. Please?

+ The natural light in the house, and the shadows.

+ More possibility: The Glen Workshop 2009. Will this be my year, Allison??

+ A walk around the 'hood later on.

+ And an Epsom salt bath, and hopefully more sleep.


allison said...

YES! This is your year! :)

jenni said...

I'm really thinking about it, Allison - esp. Lauren Winner's spiritual writing workshop....

jenni said...

....though we're not sure about the $$ - we shall see. :)