wise men & incense

I'll be distracting myself this week by snapping a few pictures of our house for an upcoming project. Today I tried to capture the dining room and decided to try again tomorrow. I noticed that wise man on the entry closet doorknob and thought he made a nice shot, too. Not a perfect photograph, but I love the natural light in our home - it's a great comfort. And since we're still in the season of Epiphany, wise men and incense seem appropriate. I've been burning sticks from Shoyeido after seeing Nicole's thrifted incense house. Now that is a perfect photograph.

Our table and chairs remind me, we should have friends over for dinner soon. That would be another healthy distraction, I think. In fact, I just discovered that a blog-friend lives in the Houston area, and her husband and mine share a mutual musical friend. If my health will cooperate just a little bit more, that sounds like a grand time (if it does to them). Plus, she and I could gush over Peace Like a River while our husbands talk music.

We're overdue on having a lot of friends over, actually - better get to it.


Lindsay said...

Love the peeking in, sneaking around the corner quality you've captured here. :)

Johnny! said...

Good thing I wasn't walking by scratching myself.

jenni said...

Thanks, Lindsay.

Johnny, ahem. :)