a book for lent?

I asked my facebook friends, so now I'm asking y'all, "Along with the Bible, which book should I read during Lent?"

Two of the best suggestions I've received so far:

:: The Life You Save May be Your Own: an American Pilgrimage by Paul Elie.

:: Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N.T. Wright.

I own and can hardly wait to read both, yet my husband highly recommends another book on our shelves: Bringing in the Sheaves: Transforming Poverty into Productivity by George Grant. I might have to go with that one - Johnny reads great stuff.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, so please speak up. Thank you kindly.


Christine said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Surprised by Hope is next on my docket - Steven just finished it.

jenni said...

Johnny says that Bringing in the Sheaves is a great but quick read, so I'll follow it with Surprised by Hope. Then I'll see if I have time for other books during Lent.... Stine, you might like Bringing in the Sheaves, too. I read a few pages this morning and I'm already inspired by Biblical aid to the poor.

B said...

Hmmm...George Grant is always good...I'm going to be reading Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross edited by Nancy Guthrie. Her Christmas collection was wonderful. Also, maybe The Cross He bore by Frederick Leahy. Peace.

Kimberly said...

They sound like wonderful books. I don't know which one I should check out first.