five senses sunday + monday

-The Sunday morning ambiance of Antidote as we placed coffee orders to-go.
-What looked like cherry blossom trees in our Church's neighborhood. Is this even possible in Houston, TX?
-The [overpriced] visual feast that is Anthropologie. Johnny agreed to five minutes. I only purchased a small, white ceramic container with a cork top. $4.00.
-New art on my desktop - "It's Teatime" by seasprayblue (also on my Etsy wish list).
-Our bottle brush tree is blooming.

-A little bit of Aradhna and The Welcome Wagon en route to Antidote.
-All bias aside, our Church's musicians are something else (I often catch my toes tapping together as I kneel at the Communion rail).
-Harley "talking" - he wanted to play with the nasty old shoestring. In the meantime, I heard Milo rummaging around the pantry where he ought not to have been.
-A really wretched Oscar montage - a supposed tribute to the Hollywood musical. Among the participants were Beyonce and two of the High School Musical kids. No.
-Flipping on the radio to pretty classical music. But I opted for silence while folding laundry, to ponder how the heck to begin my next Curator article....

-Sliced taro root cooked in coconut oil and sprinkled with Celtic sea salt.
-Seriously, Johnny knows how to cook a steak.
-A big bowl of salad greens topped with black olives, raw pumpkin seeds, crushed flax crackers, extra virgin olive oil, and apple cider vinegar.
-Blueberries & coconut milk.
-Citrus spice green tea for an afternoon treat.

-A coconut milk-mango soy candle. I might have to revisit Anthropologie sans Johnny.
-Roll-on coriander essential oil at the Kiehl's store (across the parking lot). Loved it, but I picked up the necessary eye makeup remover and splurged on my favorite deodorant instead. Tough choice.
-I'm thinking anything cooked in coconut oil smells good.
-Almost out of almond Dishmate. Say it ain't so.
-A new bar of vanilla spice shea butter soap by my sink in the bathroom.

-Burt's Bees lip gloss in "zesty red."
-Amazingly energetic after two mugs of Enfusia yerba mate (look for my review here soon).
-Pleased with domestic accomplishments: two rounds of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and dusted our book-laden bedside tables.
-Determined to meet this week's deadline a day early vs. a day late.
-Excited to see my parents, our friend Jenny (maybe Christine), and the Nasher in Dallas this weekend. I get to hear Johnny play drums for Donna Stuart, too. A quick, fun trip.


Amanda Mae said...

Based on your music likenings, you might like:

Go to "music" ... I recommend:
* Prince of Peace
* In The Garden
* I Shall Not Be Moved
* Please, Please

Just a thought :)
Have a good week.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i always love these kinds of posts from you. . .

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

im totally stealing this format for my next blog post if thats ok. . . :)

Anonymous said...

Y'all are coming to Dallas this weekend? Yippee!!



Anonymous said...

jenni, i love these 5 senses posts! i am almost going zen over all the scent descriptions, esp. the roll-on coriander essential oil. also, i have a very important question for you: do you know where i can go to find good vegan crockpot recipes? the only crockpot cookbook we have is laden w/yummy meat-fest midwestern meals. but it's lent tomorrow and i'm trying to get creative ...

love, l

jenni said...

Amanda Mae (love your name, by the way), thanks for the tip! I'm listening to "Prince of Peace" now - very cool - will listen to more soon.

Laura D., steal away. I stole it from someone else. I think it's a format to share. :)

Yes, Mamacita, we are! I'll call you this evening.... xoxo.

Laura G., the coriander oil is amazing. I seriously can't stop thinking about it. They also have a really good vanilla - not too sweet; very warm. I don't know of any vegan Crock Pot recipes - sorry! But I used to read this blog just for the sheer creativeness of it:

Also, do you recommend a good book to read during Lent?

B said...

Love these posts...will have to steal as well. I keep hearing about Peack Like a River...will have to pick it up and look forward to your article. Blessings to you today. B.