chocolate mint truffle rooibos: a review

[dessert tea for one, please]

When Johnny and I were dating, we ate a lot of ice cream. We'd often split a pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk, or Blue Bell's (a true Texan's favorite) mint chocolate chip. Along with more important issues, we bonded over a mutual love for ice cream, chocolate, and more specifically, chocolate mint - we both ranked it in our top five favorite flavors.

As I heal from a systemic candida overgrowth, I can't partake of ice cream. Major drag. When I'm not scarfing down permissible recipes such as chocolate chip bread or nutty-coconut cookies, I find dietary solace by window-shopping (or just shopping) on Mighty Leaf's site. I recently stumbled upon chocolate mint truffle rooibos tea and I was stoked. Y'all know I will try almost any kind of tea - how could I pass up that description?

Of all the teas in the world, I particularly love rooibos (pronounced "roy-bos") hailing from South Africa. I even use it on my face. The beverage version has a deep, rich flavor yet it's caffeine-free. As much as I love a good cup of non-jolting chamomile or something, I prefer the heartiness of rooibos. It's ├╝ber-healthy, too:

* Contains an unusually high amount of antioxidants similar to green tea.
* Anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral.
* Rich in vitamin C.
* Lessens the body's reaction to allergies and calms an upset stomach.
* Helps to relieve stomach ulcers, nausea, constipation, and heartburn.
* Relieves insomnia, disturbed sleeping patterns, and headaches.
* Gives a relaxing effect to the central nervous system.
* Makes for strong bones and teeth due to its calcium, manganese, and fluoride content.
* Soothes infants with colic, stomach cramps, and sleeping troubles. Simply mix some rooibos tea with expressed breast milk or formula.
* Etc....

[going for a second cup....]

Since a mug of sweet tea is a favorite nightcap of mine, I'm happy to report that chocolate mint truffle rooibos is amazing. My favorite preparation involves a few drops of stevia and a splash of almond milk. As my tea brews for 5-7 minutes, I can literally smell cacao and spearmint from across the kitchen. And the taste? 5/5 stars from me: a smooth, sweet, bright, honey-toned brew. I even had Johnny give it a try. He's not a tea fanatic like his wife, but he said, "Damn. That's good."

Mighty Leaf tea pouches also suit me aesthetically which is of equal importance to taste. I'd even go so far as to say they make tea into art: hand-stitched silken bags with purty loose leaves inside. The pouches are even 100% biodegradable. Jenni likes.

Seeing as chocolate mint truffle is a big winner, next up is Mighty Leaf's whole line of chocolate teas. Chocolate chip truffle black tea sounds great on the caffeinated side of things - to sip while taking in morning light. As a writer, I think "truffle" is a brilliant word to include in a tea's name. It's working on my psyche, at least.


Alina said...

Whenever Matt has a "Damn. That's good" reaction to something I love, I KNOW it is good. I stumbled on a strawberry vanilla tea tonight at Whole Foods...on sale for $6.99. I couldn't drop the 7 bucks tonight, but the strawberry and vanilla combo is lingering on my mind!

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon your blog, so glad I did :) beautiful photography.

Kimberly said...

I thought you'd like this one! I haven't been able to find it in the stores but will keep up my search until I do. Thank you for my sample bag ~ it was SOOOOOOO good!

jenni said...

Alina, strawberry & vanilla tea sounds good.

Thanks, Anonymous. :)

Kimberly, I think I read it's available exclusively at World Market, or on Mighty Leaf's web site.

Kimberly said...

Well, they need to change that! ;)